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The Employment Report for April: Job Cuts Drop to Lowest Levels in 20 Years, Unemployment Remains Stable

Continue reading » reports: According to the latest from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total number of jobs created last month on non-farm payrolls went up by 192,000. The overall unemployment rate remained stable at 6.7 percent. (, 4/4/14,

The Employment Report for March: Obama Administration Proposes Permanent R&D Credit to Pharma Companies to Offset Recent Congressional Budget Changes

Continue reading » reports: The Unemployment rate remained relatively unchanged last month, although payroll increased by 175,000. (, 3/7/14) There were mixed feelings from biopharmaceutical companies as budget changes included both rebates as well as tax incentive proposals from party leaders. (, 3/7/14)

The Employment Report for January: FDA Approves Game-Changing Breast Cancer Diagnostic Tool

Continue reading » reports: Amid the country's concerns about the sudden drop in unemployment being due to lower than usual participation, areas where innovation is pushing the market ahead could mean future employment stability for job seekers.