About us

MedZilla was launched in 1994 to assist biotechnology, pharmaceutical, science, medicine and healthcare professionals and employers. Extensive databases of job listings (7,500+) and resumes (285,000+) are available.

Employers and Recruiters may query the candidate database and view abstract summaries at no charge.

MedZilla is ALWAYS FREE for job seekers.

Employers receive traffic reports twice a month on job postings. Inactive resumes are proactively deleted and archived. The resume database can be accessed for a fee. Annual clients receive front-page logo exposure, and can have their jobs wrapped from their corporate site and placed on MedZilla HealthCare/MedZilla, eliminating any need for manual job management.

Clients may also take advantage of My MedZilla, which includes applicant tracking and resume management systems. Additional features include, MatchZilla, an intelligent search agent that actively and continuously generates new search matches and selects the the most accurate results. A career forum, salary information and original career and recruitment content round out the original site in this niche.

For more information about becoming a member please contact us.