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Re: What CROs provide tuition reimbursement
Author:  Anonymous Medzilla Reader
Date:  10-22-12 10:10pm
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ICON offers up to 7K per calendar year for tuition reimbursement. Eligibility begins the 1st of the following month after date of hire.

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  Author: TPMexico Apr 07, 2014, 11:25AM
    Re: What CROs provide tuition reimbursement   Log In to Report Post
   Quintiles reimburses 10K per year actually website
  Author: Anonymous Medzilla Reader Oct 21, 2013, 12:31PM
    Re: What CROs provide tuition reimbursement   Log In to Report Post
   Quintiles reimburses 6K a year.
  Author: Anonymous Medzilla Reader Oct 21, 2013, 03:16AM
    Re: What CROs provide tuition reimbursement   Log In to Report Post
   On the other hand, My spouse and i disagree around the power of MBA system. It had been really simple to help take flight via many MBA applications though working for a CRO because many MBA applications are constructed to the activities of working grown ups. I might say which receiving a MBA is one of the least complicated certifications you can find though working.
  Author: Anonymous Medzilla Reader Oct 22, 2012, 12:03PM
    Re: What CROs provide tuition reimbursement   Log In to Report Post
   I agree with the previous poster and can confirm that per the last time I heard, PPD and icon provide reimbursement. You can only get a few thousand at most, depending on seniority, but every bit helps I guess.. Usually they require you to have at least 1 year in before you qualify for any reimbursement. Places that I have worked at before require that your studies be relavent to your profession and will have a value to the company. I think that getting a JD would be difficult to secure approval, and near impossible to cope with the workload while working full time.

However, I disagree about the intensity of an MBA program. It was quite easy to fly through most MBA programs while working at a CRO because most MBA programs are constructed for the schedules of working adults. I would say that getting an MBA is one of the easiest degrees you can get while working.

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  Author: Anonymous Medzilla Reader Oct 21, 2012, 09:11AM
    Re: What CROs provide tuition reimbursement   Log In to Report Post
   ICON, Covance & (I think) PPD provide tuition reimbursement, the amount goes up the longer you work at the company, I think topping out around $5K/year after you've worked there several years full-time.

There usually aren't restrictions on what degrees you can apply reimbursement towards... however of course it would have to be a program you can complete while you're working full-time. This usually means online or post-grad certificates for programs like clinical research or six-sigma certificate programs. It would be difficult for an employer to underwrite an MBA program or JD program, I think. The cost of most of these are very high (although every little bit helps) although the time commitment conflicts with the time commitment expected by most CROs.

The exception is, if you were already an executive at a CRO they may work with you to obtain an MBA, granting you sabbatical time & reimbursement.
  Author: Anonymous Medzilla Reader Oct 17, 2012, 05:08PM
    What CROs provide tuition reimbursement   Log In to Report Post
   Just wonder what CRO provide tuition reimbursement or yearly allowance for school. I am not asking about PMP or ACRP fees for exams etc. This would be for some one that wants to get their MBA, law degree etc.

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