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What CROs provide tuition reimbursement
Clinical Research Careers
  ICON offers up to 7K per calendar year for tuition reimbursement. Eligibility begins the 1st of the following month after date of hire.

What CROs provide tuition reimbursement Clinical Research Careers
  Just wonder what CRO provide tuition reimbursement or yearly allowance for school. I am not asking about PMP or ACRP fees for exams etc. This would be for some one that wants to get their MBA, law degree etc.

Teacher to Sales Pharmaceutical Sales Careers
  Looking for advice from those who are in pharma Sales or recruit for pharma sales. I have always been interested in sales and at the same time I was applying to graduate schools for my teaching certificate, I was also applying to pharma. companies ... Read More

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The Employment Report for 2014: Permanent R&D Credit to Pharma Companies

The Unemployment rate remained relatively unchanged last month, although payroll increased by 175,000. There were mixed feelings from biopharmaceutical companies as budget changes included both rebates as well as tax incentive proposals from party leaders.

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The Future of Travel Nursing

Nurses who are willing to travel and make the most of the facilities with the highest demand are left with a golden opportunity. Massachusetts, Maryland, California, New Jersey and Hawaii are the highest paying states currently in the country.

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